Devinder Shory


Calgary Northeast

Devinder Shory sits on behalf of the people of Calgary Northeast, a seat he has held since 2008. Shory is currently a member of the Standing Committees on International Trade; and Human Resources, Skills, Social Development & Status of People with Disabilities. Shory is an attorney by profession, with a career that has spanned two continents. Born and raised in India, Shory practiced law in Punjab for several years after earning a law degree from Punjabi University. In the 1980's Shory and his family immigrated to Canada where Shory established his own legal practice in Calgary. Shory is one of the foremost advocates for improving the accreditation afforded new immigrants. Shory experienced first hand the challenge faced by newcomers in getting their overseas education and experience recognized in the Canadian labour market. In 2011 Shory organized the Newcomer Resource Expo, bringing together numerous agencies in the field of immigrant settlement and newcomer assistance to offer stronger network solutions on the issue of foreign credential recognition. [jwplayer config="Slideshow" mediaid="6115"] For more info visit Devinder’s website. Check out Devinder’s social media.