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Fin Donnelly: Blood In The Water

Watch the interview now One of the more indelible images of Hollywood terror is the appearance of a shark fin on the open ocean.  But according to the NDP’s Fin Donnelly, the real life horror in this situation is felt exclusively by the shark. “Sharks are being finned. The practice of finning is brutal,” says [...]

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Nexen Poll Results

How do you feel about government’s approval of the Nexen takeover? Did you even know what a Nexen was two weeks ago? It doesn’t matter because people felt pretty strongly about it. Here are the results…

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In Search of the “Energy iPod”

  Last spring I was having a conversation with eminent Canadian conservationist Norm Rubin when I had a sort of ‘road to Damascus’ moment in my faith of a greener future.  We had been discussing how to make green energy alternatives really work, and I had been more than doubtful.  Norm saw fit to hit [...]

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