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Patrick Brown Doc “Playing With Giants” To Air


Playing With Giants looks at the political career of MP Patrick Brown. Brown was chosen by an online poll in which viewers voted for the most popular guest of #FAQMP season 2. This relatively unknown MP not only won the poll with over ten thousand votes but some say he may one day become Prime [...]

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Interviewing Jinny Sims

Jinny Sims & Kevin O'Keefe

  Stream the interview now If you’re thinking about immigrating to Canada, I’m not confident you should watch my interview with NDP Immigration critic Jinny Sims. Our show is wall-to-wall pissed off people, viewers who write in to ask about our immigration system. Sims’ interview has the record of receiving the highest number of questions [...]

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Temporary Foreign Workers Poll Results

Temp Workers blame results

  Last week, we asked you, “Who is to blame for problems with the Temporary Foreign Workers program?” Here are the results. Overwhelmingly, people selected Government as the problem for failing to enforce regulations. 15% picked corporations and only 2% thought Canadians were at fault for not working those jobs in the first place.  The [...]

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Interviewing Sean Casey

Sean Casey & Kevin O'Keefe

    Stream the interview now The thing that interested me most when preparing for my interview with Sean Casey was his interest in transgendered rights. He is, after all, an MP from Prince Edward Island and that isn’t the kind of issue that leaps to your mind when you think of the land of [...]

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Interviewing Fin Donnelly

Kevin and Fin

  Watch the interview now You know the expression ‘there’s no such thing as a stupid question’? Well I disagree. When preparing for my interview with NDP MP Fin Donnelly, I’m pretty sure asking him, “Did your interest in banning shark fining come from your name?” would be really stupid. Or how about, “Did you swim [...]

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Trudeau Ad Poll Results

Trudea ad stats

  The results of last week’s poll are in. We asked you, “How do you feel about the newest Trudeau ad from the Conservative Party?” After 1040 votes, these are the results. It’s surprising that more people didn’t pick ‘Meh’ considering the stereotype of Canadian apathetic toward politics. Almost all the votes piled up on either [...]

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